claudio pedica


Claudio was born in Esanatoglia, Italy. He attended Camerino University’s computer science school. In 2007, motivated to travel and live in a remote location, he moved to Iceland. There he concluded his studies at the center for design of intelligent agents, at Reykjavik University. It was the beginning of his work at the intersection of technology, art and science.

During the research work at Reykjavik University, he created an algorithm that replicates the cognitive process of self-organization of social encounters merging artificial intelligence, interaction and sociology. He obtained a master of science from both Reykjavik and Camerino University.

He has followed through with his original research, responding to the high level of interest it has generated in the field of computer games and film. He has been invited to speak on the topic at a number of high-profile venues, published well received research papers including a poster at SIGGRAPH, and spent few months at CCP Games as a visiting researcher.



He realized early on that the believability of digital characters animated by means of algorithms was more a matter of designing the human-machine interaction than solving an engineering problem. Wanting to further his knowledge in human-centered algorithms he joined Gagarin Studio to practice interaction design and work on digital installations for museums and cultural institutes.

More recently he joined Solfar VR to take to the new immersive medium all he learned about interaction in real space. He has been creative director of Everest VR Seeker Expedition (Webby People’s Voice Winner) and principal UX designer for In Death.


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