Impulsion uses Artificial Intelligence for the real-time simulation of groups of people. It can have application in animation, games and the arts. For example to create ambient life in interactive experiences. 

A.I. Technology

At the very core lies an algorithm that replicates our cognitive process of spatial awareness. The algorithm is grounded on the social theories of human territorially and face-to-face interaction. The software library has been developed for Unity3D and allows to create small crowds that convincingly resemble a social gathering.

Design Philosophy

With knowledge from psychology and sociology, we make lifelike interactive characters who grasp situations, react to contingencies, and appear aware of their surroundings.


Impulsion is an integral part of the project Icelandic Language and Culture Training in Virtual Reykjavik.

Impulsion supports the Greta Team at the Groupe Multimédia Télécom Paris Tech.